Model Driven Theory Wrap Up

Some time ago I read a whole book about Model Driven Software Development. This seemed like a hot topic. However I found the subject a bit boring. There were some key points I picked up from the book. I share them here today.

Define your model using UML. Then you should automatically generate between 60 and 80 percent of your code. Keep the this auto gen code separate from developer produced code.

Here are the four meta levels for Model Driven Design: M0 is the instance, M1 is the model, M2 is the meta model, and M3 is the meta meta model. Look at that for a second? How can you not LOL at meta meta model?

How do you know whether you have a good architecture? First it meets all of the requirements. It allows future growth of the system. It is clear and succinct. Finally you have good supporting documentation. Hopefully the next theoretical book I read will be more interesting. I tried reading some of the classic more recently. They were even more boring. I could not finish them.