The Power of Documentation

It is best if your user manuals are accurate. Choose this over exciting text. It is difficult to be exact. The spoken English language does not lend itself to written clarity. Know this. When there is some discrepancy between the system and the documentation, it is easy to fix the documentation.

If an implementer has a problem understanding the design, they should get on the phone and call up the architect. I know I get calls all the time on stuff I design. This is natural. It is better to do this than to guess and get it wrong. By then it will be too late or too costly to resolve.

A rare combination of skills is the technical guru who can also do project management. However if you can find one, it is best if they manage a small team of about 5 developers. This team will have great productivity and success.

Next time I will share a lot of pitfalls with scheduling estimates.