Scrum and DSDM

A magazine article I read recently reviewed different agile software methodologies. I have previously written about Extreme Programming. Now I will go over Scrum, and a new one I am not familiar with (DSDM).

Scrum is a management technique. One of its goals is to stabilize requirements. That alone is a noble goal. I find our requirements lacking in general. However Scrum also advocates a daily stand up meeting. Those I have found degenerating into a waste of a whole lot of time.

DSDM stands for Dynamic Systems Development Method. Have you ever heard of it? Neither have I until now. It attempts to hold the resources and delivery date constant. The way to achieve that is to modify the scope of the deliverable. I like the sound of that. It comes from Britain. I don't think it is popular in the States.

I will have more later on things like Continuous Integration and Test Driven Development.